Mops & Brooms, Borehamwood

Project Name: Mops & Brooms, Borehamwood, Herts.

Client: McMullens.

Type of Work: Refit & Refurb/ Small Works

Duration: 9 Weeks.

Description: Complete strip out and refurbishment of an existing McMullens property. Works included new bar areas, kitchen refit, new toilet facilities. Exterior works included new customer seating areas, landscaping, and resurfacing the car park.

Client feedback

Name & position: Robert Stimpson, Estates Project Manager

Procurement process: Tender

No. of companies invited to tender: Five

What was it about New World Builders proposal that meant they were successful? Value for money & track record.

What work specifically was undertaken by New World Builders? Major refurbishment of public house.

Were there any specific difficulties that needed to be overcome, or unusual work to be undertaken? Very tight programme and a changing brief.

Was the site in use during the works? If so how did New World Builders work around your business? Not on this occasion. However, on other projects we have continued to trade throughout and New World Builders have worked around this safely.

Were the works completed on time and on budget ? Yes.

Are the results what you hoped for? Yes.

Would you use New World Builders for further projects? Yes.