ATS Euromaster, Hemel Hempstead

Project Name: ATS Euromaster, Hemel Hempstead.

Client: ATS

Type of Work: Refit & Refurb/ Small Works.

Duration: 10 Weeks.

Description: Complete refit of the existing unit that included refurbishing the exterior of the building, surrounding parking and landscaping. The customer reception was refitted in line with the ATS corporate style and the staff and customer facilities were modernized, including a new disabled toilet and mezzanine floors.

Client feedback

Name & position: Andy Evans, Group Property Manager.

Procurement process: Tender process and negotiation.

No. of companies invited to tender: Three.

What was it about New World Builders proposal that meant they were successful?
Track record, existing relationship, value for money.

What work specifically was undertaken by New World Builders?
New build, refurbishment and maintenance works.

Was the site in use during the works? If so how did New World Builders work around your business?
Yes, this did not create any issues.

Were the works completed on time and on budget?

Are the results what you hoped for?

Would you use New World Builders for further projects?

How would you describe your working relationship with New World Builders?
Very good.

How would you rate the quality of the completed works?
Very good.